What is and What Should be the Lesson Learned from Mr Budi Raharjo

Budi Rahardjo is an educator and entrepreneur. He is a lecturer at Electrical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. He is a founder of several IT-based start-up companies and has contributed to many IT-related initiatives in Indonesia such as in the .ID domain management, Indonesia Computer Emergency Response Team / Coordination, and Bandung High Tech Valley.

Mr Budi Rahardjo tells us about his experience in business in the Creativity and Innovation Course, he told us about his experience when running the digital music store in Blitz Megaplex Paris Van Java Bandung. He is a great inn0vator on creating business model in Indonesia which is Digital Music Store, the reason behind the development was he wanted music to become easier to get and also he wanted that music can be enjoyed by everyone.

The most interesting quotes from himself and becoming my lesson learned from his lecture was : “If we want to start a business, we must  put all of our effort into it, because business isn’t always about money, but there were one more thing that sometimes people forgot, which is : Time, We can replace the money that we’ve lost, but we couldn’t replace the time that we’ve lost”

Thanks for reading, and enjoy every little time of your life mate


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