What is and What Should be the Reason to be Creative

Hi folks, I listened to Morrisey’s Greatest Hits while writing this entire posts , it gives me a decent comfortable feeling about the deadline, hahaha, just kiddin’, okay, from this post, I want to share about my own thoughts about “Creativity” , that have been a main topic throughout my entire blog.

“The things we fear most in organizations—fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances—are the primary sources of creativity.” — Margaret J. Wheatley

I took a very interesting quotes that describe creativity, from the quotes we may admit that we often avoid risk in our organisations or environment, but sometimes, by not always doing what others do, not to be an impostor, or be a risk – taker person, it may leads to the improvement of creativity of ourselves. So why do we need Creativity itself?

First, we don’t always want people to know up front what is at the deepest core of ourself, but there is still the need to get it out. How is that best done? Again the importance of creativity is at the forefront. We find ways to express what you want to get out through our creativity. Creativity can just be a natural part of our life that we don’t bother sticking a label on. We may not even be consciously aware that we are bringing it into practice.

Second, creativity isn’t just about coming up with the next best idea. Creativity is the consistent forefront in our culture today. This is the driving factor in our global economy and essential to organisations. The ability to utilize the creative mind has helped consumers differentiate brands, and create a sense of loyalty for many. Fashion has allowed individuals to create a trend or follow one. It is as simple as finding inspiration, which can find its way into mainstream pop culture.

From creativity itself, it could leads into a born of a new creative enterprises, I pick Marvel Comics as one of the most creative company, because all of its products, came from a creative mind that inspire people to be their own superhero on their life.

Marvel Comic Books


Thanks for reading my whole posts, I hope this post could encourage many people to be more creative. Cheers


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