What Is and What Should be the most Important Innovation in Musical Instruments

Hello again folks, Before writing this post, I turned onto Floyd’s The Wall album , but it gives me too much distraction to my neurosensoric cell, so I changed the music to my favorite album of all time, GNR’S Appetite for Destruction, okay, so let’s start writing now haha. From this post, I wanted to share my thoughts and vision about the most important innovation in the musical instrument industry, I picked one of the musical instrument which is Electric Guitar.




Acoustic Guitar


The Electric Guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments, and it is also very familiar to many people, when Gibson Guitar Corporation invented the first Les Paul Model Guitar on the 1950s, electric guitar became very popular, and this condition encourage many company to produce electric guitar.

In my opinion, Gibson’s innovation in electric guitar  is the most important innovation throughout musical instruments history, and it really changed the whole world. Gibson changed the whole world paradigm of musical instrument and leads to the other invention of electrical musical instrument such as electric bass guitar, and musical instrument amplification.




Gibson Electric Guitar




The invention of electric guitar not only change the musical instrument history, but also changed the musical genre itself, before the invention of electric guitar, musical genre is limited on to classic, pop, and blues music. After the invention, many genre popped up, like blues-rock, rock and roll, heavy metal, jazz, r&B, and many more.


The invention of Electric Guitar changed musical elements throughout the world forever….



Thanks for reading the whole post, folks. Cheers


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