What is and What should be the Most Creative Country

This is my second post, okay folks, now I want to share a bit of my vision about the most creative country in my own opinion and thoughts , if we talk about creativity , we should decide from which side we want to look upon, because the word creativity itself have a wide meaning, From my own vision and thoughts, I want to pick the most creative country in the world based on the most creative music industry that its country have.

So by mentioning creative music industry, I guess I picked the United States of America, why USA? First. let’s take a look at the history of music indusrty at the 1950s . In the early 1950s the big five major record labels were Columbia, RCA Victor, Decca, Capitol and Mercury. Capitol had risen to being the fourth biggest label in 1955 when EMI, the biggest UK record operation, bought Capitol for $8.5 million. From 1954-1958 independent labels issuing rock and roll and r&b recordings dominated the charts as the market share for major labels fell dramatically. This Indicates that the major force of Music Industry is on the United Kingdom. The condition remains the same for the next 3 decades, by the end of the eighties the top major labels were Sony, Warner, PolyGram, BMG, EMI and MCA. This indicates that United States started to rise for the sake of global music industry. Started from the 1980s until now, USA Record Company always done the research for innovation for the media of music.


New York Times Square - USA


The commercial music media started from Vinyl, that have been the most efficient media to enjoy music, but then the research invented smaller media to play music which is CDs that have less bitrate but more compact than the Vinyl. The invention of CD as the media of music is very stunning at the 90s era, but USA change the whole music industy when Apple brought us the “I-Tunes”, the digital music store at the 21st Century.



Led Zeppelin's "The Song Remains The Same" Vinyl


After the presence of I-Tunes, which is the killer of all music media, the revenue from all music and records company throughout the world dramatically decreases, and the whole paradigm of music also changes. By the arriving of I-Tunes, we could just simply enjoy every music of every musicians through out the world just as simple as one-click, and we could save our music collection without buying some cabinet to store our vinyls or cd at our house, we could have  like 1 million songs stored on our computer.



Itunes Cover Flow



This is the end of my second posts, I hope you could get my idea of how creative a Country could be just by seeing at one small side of an industry, thanks for reading folks!


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