What is and What Should be The Meaning of My Name

Okay , so this is the first post of my blog, essentially my first writing ever on the Internet, I started to write the blog according to my Creativity and Innovation Course at SBM ITB Undergraduate program, this course is so awesome, the assignment of the course is to write posts according to Creativity and Innovation, and let’s start my first topic.

This first post is about my name, (??) , okay you are confused, so do I. My name is Andra Geraldy Yoseph, a quite sophisticated yet rockin’ name isn’t it. I got this name from my parents, both of them, while they gave me the name 19 years ago, My first name is Andra, which I don’t know the meaning of it myself, so I decided to search my name on google, and the result’s quite shocked me a bit, according to the i-am-pregnant.com (a quite funny domain name), “Andra is a Greek Girl name. The meaning of the name is Strong & Courageous” ; The first statement is quite shocking, but I don’t mind anyway, because my name characteristic is  a unisex name in Indonesia, the point that makes me so relieved is the second statement which is “Strong & Courageous” ,  That statement more or less represent my personality, so it gives me the point that my parents do a little research while giving the name to their son, haha

About my middle name which is Geraldy, I don’t know exactly the meaning about it, so let’s close our media player classic and grab a tissue, then search again on google, the results showing from surnameanalysis.com ( why all of the name is so cheesy ) , and it says that   ” small, mean, safe, bright, hot, fast, short, angular” , Honestly, I am a bit confused about the result, this is like a judgement to some more private area of myself, but let’s just consider the result as my personality. I prefer the hot actually.

And my last name is Yoseph , which is my family name, a hereditary that have been existed for 5 generations. I am proud of my name and I feel that my name is more or less represent my personality, special thanks to Mr & Mrs Yoseph for giving me a very unique yet simple name.

So this is the end of my first post, if you want to know more about me you can follow my twitter account @AndraGeraldy, and for you, who is reading my post right now, you rocks man. And for you who isn’t reading my post right now, you must be a Jonas Brothers die-hard fans, cheers

Cheers Beer


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